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North Star Pendant

The North Star Pendant is an original piece of jewelry, especially created to be given as a gift to the person in your life who is a constant guiding light. Humans have always used the North Star as their point of reference. While all of the universe seems to move: the earth spins, constellations rise and set, the moon wanes and waxes, the North Star stays fixed where it is.

Do you have someone who is the North Star in your life? While the world is busy around you, things you never expected are happening, life pulls you up and down, but there is a woman who is always there for you, who you can count on. You feel her love for you and dedication to you no matter what. She is there in your dark hours, providing a bit of warm light, she is there to celebrate your triumphs. And when all else fails, you know you will still have her.

A gift that goes beyond the expected

The North Star pendant, while being extremely beautiful, goes beyond accessory. It is a totem – a talisman – a never ending, unforgettable reminder of a loved one's feelings. No matter what her style, if you are important in her life, she will love the message she receives with this gift.

An original design in sterling silver and 1.15 carats of genuine white topaz

The pendant is in .925 sterling silver, created by a designer inspired by the North Star and its role in our human lives. It is a design you won’t find anywhere else. The ellipses that circle the central North Star represent the ever-changing movement of life and time around us. The North Star figures in the center of it all, representing constant presence and loving light.

In the heart of the star, there are 4 marquise cut white topaz gemstones that sparkle with brilliant white light.

Your North Star Pendant comes specially presented for Gift Giving

The sterling silver North Star Pendant in encased in a beautiful bamboo box, accompanied by anillustrated note card explaining the story and the significance of the North Star Pendant.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that the North Star in your life will love this pendant, that we will refund your purchase price including shipping.

You will receive:

- The handcrafted sterling silver and white topaz North Star pendant
- A beautifully illustrated card explaining the story of the North Star Pendant
- A fine bamboo jewelry box
- A 100% guarantee that you can’t go wrong

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